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Where We Are

If you're not familiar with Stamford, or even if you live in the town but have

never stumbled across the gardens, we thought you might appreciate some help picturing where we are.

Stamford is in the English East Midlands. We're 106 miles north of London, 44 miles north-west of Cambridge and 76 miles east of Birmingham. Our nearest city is Peterborough and our town sits at the convergence of four counties: Lincolnshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.(1) 

When we approached professional artist Peter Gander for permission to use his gorgeous hand-drawn map of Stamford we couldn't believe his kindness in customising it specially to show the gardens!  Visit Peter's website to see his full range of maps and examples of bespoke artwork. 

This 1886 Ordnance Survey map(2) shows all fifty of the gardens (complete with trees) either side of Waterfurlong. They remain virtually unchanged to this day. In total the gardens cover approximately 20 acres. You can also see Brown's Tinwell Road Nursery (which has long-since been built on) at the top left of the map and the site of the medieval Austin Friary at the top right.





(1) Base map ©

(2) Courtesy of the National Library of Scotland

Copyright © Karen Meadows 2018

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