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Tydeman's Early Worcester

Picking, Storing and Using

Tydeman's Early Worcester is best picked in late August and early September. It does not store well.

Growth, Flowering and Pollination

The tree needs plenty of space to spread and, given sufficient, is usually a good cropper. It is susceptible to frost owing to its early blossoming. Ellison’s Orange and Cox’s Orange Pippin are good pollinators.

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Origin and History

Tydeman’s Early Worcester is an early dessert apple, bred by H M Tydeman at East Malling Research Station in Kent from Worcester Pearmain and Mackintosh Red. Although introduced in 1945, it wasn’t named and marketed until 1963.


The fruit is slightly larger than its famous parent, Worcester Pearmain. It has very deep red skin with conspicuous white and russet lenticels. The skin is smooth and develops a greasy feel as the fruit matures. In optimal growing conditions the white, juicy flesh can develop a unique strawberry flavour.

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