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Notes for Family and Local Historians

Gardeners' Biographies

Information for early gardeners' biographies has been gathered from many sources, including local and national newspapers, census records, church records and, in some cases, much appreciated assistance from descendants.


We have set up family trees for some of our Victorian and Edwardian gardeners on and this is where references to church and civic records can be found. Note: is a subscription-based online service.


As this is not an academic site we have used limited referencing in the text. We always aim for accuracy and welcome further and better information. In the case of gardeners' biographies, we have listed many sources on (see above). 

The Stamford Mercury

Over its long history The Stamford Mercury has been published under several titles, including The Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury, The Rutland and Stamford Mercury and The Rutland Mercury. For the sake of simplicity and brevity we refer to it throughout as The Stamford Mercury.


We are particularly indebted to The Stamford & District Local History Society, the work of historians Professor Alan Rogers, Dr David Roffe, Martin Smith, Chris Davies and Dr Henry Summerson, and to Jean Orpin and Sue Lee of Stamford Living's 'Ask Leo' column

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