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London Pippin

Origin and History

The London Pippin is one of our rarest Waterfurlong apples - its provenance was confirmed by DNA testing in 2019. It is an ancient English dual-purpose variety, first recorded in 1580 and believed to originate from Norfolk or Essex.It probably acquired the name 'London' owing to its popularity in the capital's markets.

Also known as Five Crowned Pippin because of its prominent ribs, the apple has numerous other synonyms including Five Crown, Calville de Londres, Calville du Roi, Galibro Pippin, Bastard Calville, White London Pippin, Winter Citronapfel, Royal Somerset and London Golden Pippin. 


London Pippin apple

The fruits can apparently grow large but on our tree are tennis-ball size, roundish, flattened and angular. The skin is yellowish-green in colour with a faint flush, often missing when the tree grows in shaded conditions. London Pippin has a short, slender stalk, a small eye and crisp, white, acid flesh. 

London Pippin apple tree

Picking, Storing and Using

The fruit can be used for cooking from late October. By December it becomes sweet enough to eat raw and can still be picked from the tree as a dessert apple. It will store through to April. 

Growth, Flowering and Pollination

The tree is tall, hardy and long-lived and will bear a good crop most years. 


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