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Origin and History

Jupiter was raised in 1965 at East Malling Research Station in Kent. One parent is Cox's Orange Pippin and the other Starking, a sport of the widely-grown American variety, Delicious. Jupiter received an RHS Award of Merit in 1993. 


Jupiter is an attractive-looking apple. The skin is yellow with a distinctive orange and red flush. The flesh is firm and juicy, off white in colour with a greenish tinge. The flavour is robust, very 'appley' and a little more acidic than Cox. 

Jupiter apple

Picking, Storing and Using

The fruit is best eaten as a dessert apple from early October to early November and does not store well beyond that. It can also be lightly stewed and holds its shape well in apple tarts.

Growth, Flowering and Pollination

The tree has a more upright habit than Cox and is significantly more disease-resistant than its famous parent. It is frost-resistant and a heavy cropper but has a tendency to biennial bearing if not thinned.


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