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Wood Forget-me-not

myosotis sylvatica

Our native Wood Forget-me-not is a pretty, short-lived perennial, flowering between April and June. As its name suggests, it can be found along woodland rides and edges and in hedgerows.

Wood Forget-me-not has hairy stems and narrow, oval leaves. Clusters of five-petalled, azure-blue flowers with white or orange centres appear at the tops of the stems.

It is an excellent source of nectar for bumblebees and early butterflies.

To Learn More

The genus name 'myosotis' comes from the Greek for 'mouse ear', after the shape of the small petals.


The common name'Forget-me-not' was first recorded as being used by Henry IV in 1398 and is borrowed from the German 'Vergissmeinnicht'.


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