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Dog of the Day

Meet Waterfurlong's canine friends. Some of their humans garden here, others enjoy calling in on their walks.


Here is Meg, a two year old working cocker spaniel. Her owner, Cae, tells us Meg loves eating mini windfall pears and going off on travels in their motor home!

Introducing Pip, the cuddly Schnauzer, a regular visitor from Chiswick to Bruce and Keith’s plot. Her guilty pleasure is chasing deer in Richmond park!


Meet Basil, the labradoodle puppy. His favourite outdoor pastimes are digging up reseeded grass and rummaging in heather!


Meet lovely Bumble, the cockerpoo, whose owner Sarah enjoys bringing him for Waterfurlong walks. Bumble loves playing ball, especially if it snows!



Meet Peg, the one year old Jack Russell chihuahua cross. Her owner Sarah adopted Peg from Three Counties Dog Rescue and says Peg’s favourite hobby is wrestling!


Here is Olly, the 10 year old spaniel and pointer cross. His favourite hobby is gathering apples and pears with his owner Alan for their horses.

Mac ‘The West Highland Terrorist’ is the well-known westie of Waterfurlong. His favourite hobby is chasing rabbits, with his human Mike in tow.



Meet Millie. She can often be spotted looking a little soggy after having a dip in the stream, or taking an afternoon stroll around Waterfurlong with her Human, Trevor.

Meet Maisey, an 11 year old blue roan cocker spaniel. Her favourite hobbies are stealing cat food and being taken to the doggy hairdressers by her human, Helen. 


Here is Piper, a 10 year old golden doodle who loves socialising at her human, Debbie’s, allotment garden.

Piper's favourite hobby is chasing rabbits.



Here is Archie, Grand Old Timer winner at the 2018 Helpston Gala. We met Archie and his human, Eric, at gardener Helena's open house afternoon when they popped in during their stroll.


Meet Betty the great dane, who comes all the way from Peterborough to visit the gardens with her humans, Nicola and Andy. Her favourite hobby is scent-work for cheese.

Spike & Daisy

Meet Spike & Daisy, the two “sexy little schnauzers” who saunter down Waterfurlong every day with their human, Penny.


Here is Lotti, enjoying herself at Helena’s open house.  Lotti’s human, Sarah, tells us Lotti’s hobbies include chasing apples and swimming.


Border Collie Tess and her human, David, are regular visitors to the gardens on their morning constitutional. Tess and Bramble are best friends.


A Waterfurlong veteran, here is Murphy cosy in gardener Helena’s summerhouse.


One of the most well-known dogs in the gardens, Graham's spaniel, Bramble, is always full of beans and up for a game of fetch. 


Pup Merlin was captured on camera discovering ice for the first time by his human, Helena.

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